About Lifty!
Deliver the passengers and climb the tower!
Race against time to deliver the passengers to their floors and climb the tower in this fun and addictive elevator game!
Can you get to the top and claim the title of the Lifty King?!

HURRY! Passengers will explode if you don’t deliver them in time! It’s game over if 3 die!
REVEAL new passengers as you progress higher up the tower- each with their own funny behavior!
PLAY with awesome elevators, such as the ketchup bottle, washing machine, rocket and many more!
COLLECT coins as you play and upgrade your elevator’s capacity or speed!
PICK UPS and in-game boosts can help with challenging levels! Lightning bolts, extra lives and color swaps are great, but watch out for the snails that slow you down!
UNLOCK and replica watches travel though exciting environments such as the carpark, subway, shopping mall and many more!
HUNDREDS of levels to climb in the Lifty world! More added every month!
SHARE your progress with friends and beat them to the top!